Step 1 - 5

Let's get you a merchant account

When you send an invoice to your client and they pay by check or credit card, the money will go into your business checking account. In order to accept payment by check or credit card, you need a Merchant Account otherwise known as a MID Account.

Well, the good news is USD GoPay will do this for you as our payment systems are already integrated with USD GoPay. To get an account, we need some information to get you approved. This is called the BOARDING process and usually takes 24 hours. It’s important to know we are dealing with legitimate businesses that do not have a nefarious past.

If you are uncomfortable filling out information on our site, no problem, just contact us about setting up an account and we can do it over the phone.

Step 2 - 5

Tell us about yourself

We need all the information below to get you boarded. If anything is left out, fill out all you know and we will contact you for the missing items.

Business Info
Owner(s) Info
Step 3 - 5

Tell us about your business

We need a good understanding about what your business does and what your typical customer will be. For example, you may tell us you’re a landscaper and need to charge your clients for gardening work every month.

Step 4 - 5

Almost there! Just need to know how much you might process for checks and credit cards

When you get a merchant account, we need an idea of what your average invoice amount will be for checks, credit cards, highest amount you will collect for checks or credit cards and what you think your monthly limit will be.This does not have to be exact, but a general idea. If you are a new business, then give us some estimates.

Amount Info
Step 5 - 5

Last step, tell us where you want your money

When you invoice your client and they make payment by check or credit card, those funds are deposited to your business checking account.Where would you like those funds to go?

Account Info